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Threat Intelligence Feeds

Real-time data, customised to suite industry needs. 

Global Threat Intelligence

100 % Human vetted

Low False Positives


Adaptive and accurate intelligence streams at
your fingertips

Enterprise organizations are under attack every second of every day from cyber criminals. Among the most severe threats to business, the techniques used by adversaries are becoming ever-more targeted, sophisticated and successful.

Round the clock, SecneurX scours and analyses hundreds of sources to turn global threat data into relevant intelligence. SecneurX Threat Feeds are aggregated from highly reliable sources, such as our own web crawlers, and 24/7/365 monitoring of botnets. spam traps, etc. Then, in real-time, all the aggregated data is carefully inspected, de-duped, and refined using Threat classification, human intelligence, and sandbox analysis for accuracy & legitimacy. Every record in each Data Feed is enriched with actionable context (Threat Names, APT Group Names, Resolved IPs addresses of infected Web Resources, Hashes, Popularity, etc.). 

SecneurX Threat Intelligence Feed arms clients with ultra-fresh data, plugged into their existing setup, to protect their assets from online threats. Part of our pay-as-you-need model, the solution provides automated security and high-impact results immediately. The intel is accessible to all levels, meaning that any user can understand what attack vectors malicious actors are using, understand and act on indicators of compromise (IOCs), and deploy mitigation solutions.

What sort of data do you recieve ?

Domain Watchlist

Malicious Domains

Phishing Domains

URL Watchlist

Malicious URLs

Phishing URLs

IP Watchlist

Malicious IPs

Phishing IPs

Key Benefits

  • Gives organizations power to define tactical and strategic responses

  • Removes blindspots in the cyberthreat landscape with real-time, detailed information from the open, deep and dark web

  • Full API access and plugins to integrate the feed with other security systems

  • Reveals malicious URLs, botnet IPs, C&C servers, exploit kits

  • Offers access to open, private and propriety sources, including sinkholes, malware repositories, black markets, social media

  • Adds intelligence to security controls for highly dynamic, adaptive and automated protection

  • STIX / TAXII support for easy information-sharing and collaboration

  • Flexible monthly subscription with unlimited number of queries

What Our Clients Say

“Finding quality threat intelligence feeds for use in the DNS space can be challenging. SecneurX were able to provide us with a great feed that we use to protect billions of DNS queries daily. Their service, support, and professionalism has been excellent, definitely above par compared to some companies that we've had to work with.”

Principal Security Researcher,

DNS Filter, USA

Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) Integrations


Threat Intelligence MSSP program

Modular services, flexible business model for different types of partnership

Open new revenue streams using world-class threat intelligence modules from SecneurX.


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