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Unleash the power of fully automated malware analysis. Make SecneurX Sandbox Your new Sandbox

Dynamic Analysis

Windows & Android

On-Premise or Cloud


Did you know?

SecneurX is part of VirusTotal multi-sandbox project sharing behavior analysis reports with VT's 500,000+ strong community


Malware Analysis

SecneurX Sandbox is a dynamic malware analysis system for SOCs, CERTS and security teams to understand most evasive, and sophisticated malware attacks and strengthen their defenses. 


It gives security analysts access to powerful auto-configured test environments to safely detonate and inspect stealthy malware, zero-day and advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks embedded in Windows executables, Office documents, web pages, email attachments & Android APKs. 

Key Benefits

  • Provides in-depth insight into all file, network and process activity

  • Offers anti-sandbox detection technology

  • Generates detailed behavior reports 

  • Supports the MITRE ATT&CK® framework

  • Orchestrates workflows with an extensive application programming interface (API)

Why SecneurX Sandbox?

  • Rapidly detect and analyze threats across multiple operating systems.

    • Supports custom images to analyze threats across a variety of operating systems. and supports the analysis of multiple file types including Windows executables, Office documents, and Android APKs.

  • Gain access to very detailed and comprehensive analysis reports.

    • Both advanced and beginner malware analysts will find the report that matches their expectations and knowledge. Detailed analysis reports include all process activities, files dropped, and network activities (PCAP).


  • Access one of the most complete and feature rich sandbox solution.

    • SecneurX Sandbox box empowers analysts with a large spectrum of product features. Among them:

      • Live Interaction,

      • File / URL Analysis

      • AI based malware detection,

      • Yara and Sigma rules support,

      • MITRE ATT&CK matrix,

      • Threat Hunting & Intelligence,

      • Golden images and cloud localisation

  • Discover and analyse new malware with a Evasion-Resistant sandbox.

    • SecneurX Sandbox uses the best of multiple technologies including hybrid analysis, instrumentation, hooking, hardware virtualisation, emulation, bare-metal analysis and machine learning / AI to defeat even the most evasive threats.

  • Take advantage of a rich API integration ecosystem.  

    • Integrates seamlessly with any TIP, SOAR, EDR, Phishing Detection platforms, allowing security teams to build automation workflows around their cybersecurity operations.

Superior Detection Rate

Offers anti-sandbox detection technology. Provides full visibility into malware’s behaviour.

Seamless Integrations

Integrates with email gateway, EDR, SOAR and other security controls to detect threats.

Rapid Time-to-Analyse

Complete, precise results shorten investigation times, increasing the efficiency of SOC and Incident Response Teams
Easy Integrations and Seamless Automation Across Your SOC and DevSecOps Stacks

SecneurX’s flexible APIs can be used to seamlessly integrate file and url analysis into your in-house SOC and DevSecOps workflow platforms—or take advantage of integrations across the top SOC and CI/CD platforms. Our integrations bring highly relevant file and url intelligence that enhances correlation and visibility of malware. Integrations enable your teams to quickly find, analyze, respond to and remediate issues.



SecneurX malware analysis solutions provide fast, accurate detection of malware before it impacts your infrastructure. By automating the detection and analysis process, leveraging your investment in existing tools and providing the right detection technology at the right place, SecneurX Malware Analysis Solutions mitigate your cyber risk and reduce your total cost (TCO).

Cloud Sandbox API

Enables security vendors and service providers to submit files and receive detailed threat intelligence reports with a complete threat assessment.

File Reputation API

Enables technology partners to submit  or upload a file to the SecneurX Cloud for analysis and obtain runtime intelligence of risk and classification of malicious Files

OEM Integrations

Can integrate easily using REST API into Firewall-, Gateway-, AV-, Next-Gen Endpoint-, Threat Intelligence- and Automated Incident solutions. Offers flexible license options

Interested in a free trial?

Our custom plans are affordable and suit organizations' needs. Talk to our service experts to get started with your subscription.

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