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Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP)

SecneurX ATP detects, analyzes, and eliminates threats from malware & zero-day attacks that have evolved to bypass traditional security methods.


SecneurX Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP)

Malware is malicious software that disrupts network operations and gathers sensitive information on behalf of an unauthorized third party. Targeted malware employs sophisticated methodology and embeds in the target’s infrastructure to carry out undetected malicious activities. Malware attacks have occurred on critical infrastructure targets such as: Financial institutions, Defence, Oil & Gas etc.

SecneurX ATP is an AI- and ML-driven malware protection engine built to stop emerging threats and protect critical assets. It operates inline, inspecting all the files before forwarding any suspicious files. With always-on zero-day protection, ransomware protection, and real-time visibility into malware behavior, it continuously detects and blocks new and evolving threats as they emerge

SecneurX ATP?

  • Real-time threat detection

  • Protection against zero-day attacks.

  • Detect file-borne vulnerabilities before they enter your network.

  • Custom policies, and workflow to meet your enterprise's security needs.

  • Simple integration with any ICAP-enabled devices.

Types of Deployment

On - premise

Private Cloud

SaaS based

webapp security


Advanced Web Application Security

Protect from Malicious File Uploads

SecneurX APT protects the organization's network and application web servers from infected file uploads by inspecting the files for any embedded malware and malicious content before they reach the web server.

The solution can be integrated with ICAP-enabled Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) / Reverse Proxy / Web Application Firewall / Load Balancer and installed at the point of entry providing organizations with superior protection against known and unknown cyber threats.

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Air gapped Network File Sanitization Solution

Protect from File-borne Malware

SecneurX ATP File Sanitizer scans files and identifies if the file contains malware, malicious links, and malicious content embedded in it. 

The solution offers a layer of proactive defense that enables Enterprises to detect and block modern malware including advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks, etc before they reach the air gap network.

SecneurX ATP File Sanitizer protects your network by enabling control over the flow of data into your organization. It can be used as a media scanning station on your own hardware. Typically, media such as USB devices, card readers, SD cards, and flash drives are scanned by SecneurX ATP File Sanitizer. 

The solution scans the content to alert and quarantine the discovered malware. Rules can be created to block access to files for a pre-set containment period to enable vendor analysis and engine updates for new Zero Day outbreaks. 

Workflow job function and approval sequences confirm who must authorize inbound files and who can access them. 

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Anti APT


Protection from targeted attacks (anti-apt)

Seemlessly Integrate with ICAP enabled servers

SecneurX ICAP Server is a plug-and-play solution to protect your network against malicious internet content.

SecneurX ATP Server  provides ICAP interface to SecenruX Advanced Malware Analysis to provide industry-leading advanced threat protection. Any content routed through the ICAP interface will be scanned and processed before entering your network and reaching end users.

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Outcome of deploying SecneurX ATP

SecneurX ATP  mitigates malware threats by analyzing files, identifying active content, and removing active code. Every file gets processed with SecneurX threat detection and prevention technology where the suspicious files are safely detonated in advanced malware isolation and inspection environment to understand their behavior. As a result, all the malicious/suspicious files are blocked or sanitized before they are accessible to the end user. The file gets recreated without the potentially dangerous code.

Talk to our expert to find out how SecneurX ATP can protect your critical Infrastructure 

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