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Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS)

Validate your security controls with SecneurX BAS powered by threat intelligence in three easy steps.

Simulate attacks safely

Evaluate exposure

Remediate security gaps



Our methodology leverages newest threats detected in the wild and do not require complex use of hardware and virtual machines to launch the assessment. By implementing a lightweight agent on a workstation within the network, stable communication between itself and the BAS platform is enabled, allowing assessments to run in a safe manner, while collecting the results and updating the management console.

Our simulation approach is as below

Step 1: Install our lightweight agent on a work-station in your network

Step 2: Simulate all phases of an attack, from pre-exploitation to post-exploitation, persistence and maintaining access.

Step 3: Runs tests continuously, periodically or on-demand

Step 4: Validate your organizations Security Controls on network as well as simulates lateral movement.

Step 5: Provides comprehensive reporting, including executive and technical briefs with recommendations for mitigation

Test Controls across Cyber Kill-chain

unnamed (3).png
Web Gateway
unnamed (4).png
Endpoint Security
unnamed (5).png
Email Gateway
Lateral Movement
unnamed (7).png
Data Exfiltration
unnamed (3).png
DNS Security

Why SecneurX BAS?

  • Assess SOC readiness to detect and handle an APT.

  • Check whether security controls and your SIEM are blocking malicious activity and generating the appropriate events and alerts.

  • Get KPI metrics to measure security performance over time

  • Understand the ROI offered by different security controls.

  • Boost Red Team & Blue Team Effectiveness

What Our Clients Say

"We have been using "SecneurX Breach & Attack simulation solution” in our production environment for the last five months. It has enabled us to test our defenses against the latest prevalent cyber threats, prioritize mitigation strategy and improve our security incident response. Keep innovating."


Indian Army

BAS use case

Use Cases

Leverage the attack to improve your defenses

Esports Team

Defend against emerging Threats

The Challenge

  • No simple way to test if the security controls are defending against new threats that surface daily.

The Solution 

  • Prevalent threats are analysed in SecneurX Threat Intelligence Labs  

  • 8000+ attack scenarios are emulated automatically or on-demand to identify security gaps

  • Remediate the identified gaps to reduce attack surface

Image by Tine Ivanič

Continuous Security Validation

The Challenge

  • Don’t know whether my security controls can defend in the event of an APT offensive 

The Solution 

  • With Continuous Security validation, security teams can assess their security controls ability to detect and respond to an APT offensive. 

Image by CDC

Improve SOC Detect & Response

The Challenge

  • Organizations have invested heavily in SOC/incident response solutions to identify, detect and respond to cyber attacks

  • Threat actor tactics and techniques evolve constantly requiring optimization of SOC capabilities

The Solution

  • IT leaders can conduct regular assessments as training exercises to see whether teams demonstrate acceptable response times and required skills in real-world attack scenarios. 

Receiving a Trophy

Compliance Enablement

The Challenge

  • Non-compliance to industry and privacy regulations can result in significant damage

  • Regulations require regular testing of security controls

  • Manual testing methods can be expensive & resource intensive

The Solution 

  • Automated and continuous security validation helps organizations to comply with regulatory requirements.

SecneurX BAS answers the questions posed by CISO

Are we effectively protected against the latest threats found in the wild?

How prepared is my organization to stop a ransomware attack?

Book a personalised demo to see the product in action

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