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SecneurX’s message for Cyber Security Awareness Month - October 2021: Stay Vigilant, Stay Safe.

Cyber Security is a major concern in today's way of life where everyone and everything is connected to the internet. The same devices that make our life simpler and easier are enabling cyber criminals to target us. SecneurX strives to protect users from such applications that are developed with malicious intent.

SecneurX has identified many malicious apps on Google PlayStore that were disguised as apps useful for daily life. Some of the apps that we identified as malicious apps were disguised as health and fitness tools or apps that remind users to track their intake of water. These apps use beautiful icons, graphics and fake reviews to trick users into believing that they are good, so the users install them. Once installed, these apps request an exhaustive list of permissions.

These apps can steal the user’s personal information, banking credentials, subscribe them to premium paid services or simply keep prompting users with irrelevant advertisements.

SecneurX recommends users to be vigilant about the applications they install on their device and the type of permissions they provide, even those installed from reputed sources like Google PlayStore.

Over the years, SecneurX has identified many apps on Google PlayStore that exhibited malicious intent and reported it to the PlayStore security team for enforcement and they have been removed.

SecneurX is on constant surveillance to protect users and their privacy. Our Advanced Malware analysis platform was built to identify such malicious apps targeting Android and Windows users.

Below are some of the apps that were identified as malicious in October 2021 that have now been removed after being reported to the PlayStore security team.

Phone Electricity HD Live Wallpaper (com.wallphone.senm.ponib.edadw)

Equalizer Sound Enhancer Volume Booster (com.devbpm.equalizer.fredaps)

Color Phone - 3D Color Call Flash (com.mikehenley.colorphone)

Heart Camera (com.afrazacharias.heartcamera)

Health Fitness Tool (com.fitnessfree.healthfitnesstool)

Mood Gaming Hub (com.lily.lidygames)

Funcalls - Voice Changer (com.kylehill.voicechanger)

Flexible Address Book (com.grant.addressbook)

Candy Flashlight (com.lucyneedham.candyflashlight)

Speed Dial Pro (com.contfite.speeddial)

Star Camera (com.phoenixemerson.starcamera)

Magic Horoscope Master (

Handy Translate (cn.handy.translate)

Video Maker Master (com.effectapp.videomaker.master)

Easy Message (

Squid Game Wallpaper 4K HD (com.xexostudio.sqpomofindyou)

Amazing Gamebox (com.tabwheatley.amazinggamebox)

Daily Blood Sugar (com.daiwang.bpdiary)

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