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Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Zero-Day attacks

We bring security innovation, coupled with global scale and a worldwide delivery capability


Guarding orgnisations from Ransomware Attacks

SecneurX Enterprise Portfolio reflects the security demands of today’s businesses, responding to the needs of organizations at different levels of maturity with an proactive approach. This approach provides different layers of protection against all types of cyberthreats to detect and defend against the most complex attacks, respond quickly and appropriately to any incident, and prevent future threats.

What We Offer

Solve your cyber security challenges with use-case and industry-focused combinations of our product & solutions.


For integration with web apps (via WAF, LB or API Gateway) or Storage (NAS) to detect and prevent threats in file transfer process


Inspect all media for malware, at the point of entry.


Provide a fast and accurate approach to analyzing malware, providing actionable intelligence to incident responders.


Actionable, human-vetted Threat Intelligence with Low false positive rate.


Enables security teams to identify gaps, misconfigurations, redundancies, lack of accurate SIEM correlation and alerting within a security program and  measure of improvement over time.


Run continuous and safe ransomware attack simulations to see your environment through the eyes of the attacker and reveal full attack paths with all their cyber exposures.


Detects and prevents targeted attacks. It enables detecting attacker presence on the network with maximum speed and recreating a full picture for thorough investigation.


SecneurX offers flexible license options with features such as white label branding and SLA's.


Out-of-the-box integrations of SecneurX Sandbox & Threat Intelligence Feeds for EDR, SOAR, SIEM, etc.


What Our Clients Say

"We have been using "SecneurX Breach & Attack simulation solution” in our production environment for the last five months. It has enabled us to test our defenses against the latest prevalent cyber threats, prioritize mitigation strategy and improve our security incident response. Keep innovating."


Indian Army

“Finding quality threat intelligence feeds for use in the DNS space can be challenging. SecneurX were able to provide us with a great feed that we use to protect billions of DNS queries daily. Their service, support, and professionalism has been excellent, definitely above par compared to some companies that we've had to work with.”

Principal Researcher,

DNSFilter, USA



See near real-time information about Threat Infrastructure on Threat Map

Learn how SecneurX can protect your Critical Infrastructure

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