SecneurX Advanced Malware Analysis (SnX) platform

Performs deep analysis on Windows executables, Office documents, &
Android APKs providing actionable indicators of compromise (IOCs) and behaviour reports

Deployment models

Hosted and Managed by SecneurX


For Air gapped networks

Private cloud 


Threat Intelligence Feeds

Prevent Attacks Using Premier Threat Intelligence Data


With the rapid proliferation of malware, cyber threats and threat actors, security teams are inundated with vast amounts of raw data to pore through and respond to threats and attacks. What they need is fine-grained, accurate, and actionable threat intelligence data, prioritized for the security requirements of their respective organizations. 

Real-time access to unique and up-to-date threat data sourced globally and expert-vetted

Threat data that spans the gamut of cyber threats including mobile malware threats and threats targeting IoT/ OT infrastructure.

Awareness and in-depth insights of both internal and external threats, their attack vectors and their consequences.

SecneurX generates threat signatures for Network Intrusion Detection and Protection Systems to protect security perimeters against the latest prevalent threats. These signatures are automatically generated by SecneurX’s AI/ML-based system. SecneurX’s technology optimizes the speed of signature generation as well as signature size and efficiency, thereby optimizing the performance of signature dependent Network Intrusion Detection and Protection Systems.


Continuous Security Validation of your organization's security posture


Latest Active Malware.png

Emulation of real-world threat scenarios across a comprehensive list of the most dangerous threat categories.

Centralized orchestration for validation of multiple security perimeters across an entire organization

Central Orchestration.png