Threat Intelligence

SecneurX provides IOCs of the latest malware threats gathered from malware communications, events, and exploits observed in the wild, especially of malware built to target enterprises and organizations across industries providing critical infrastructure. SecneurX has generated a vast storehouse of packet captures of malicious communications of malware. SecneurX runs its own device farm with real devices and expert human interaction to exercise the malware in real-world scenarios to maximize the network activity. This is in stark contrast to other packet captures on the market that were generated from simulated devices, monkey touch setups, or test equipment where the real-world behaviour of the malware communication will not be visible. Many malware today can detect if they are running on a simulated environment and behave accordingly. Our comprehensive malware packet captures are second to none in the industry. SecneurX performs analysis on its packet capture data to power a number of its products and threat intelligence initiatives.

Windows Malware - Click here for Malware packet capture comparison between SecneurX and VirusTotal

Android Malware - Click here for Malware packet capture comparison between SecneurX and VirusTotal


Penataur is a tool that assesses security perimeters against the latest prevalent malware threats.

  • Zero risks associated with such testing. The actual malware is not installed or triggered anywhere in the environment.

  • Ease of use, repeatability, and detailed reports to allow for analysis of how security and network infrastructure behaves against specific malware, providing invaluable insights specific to an organization’s infrastructure.

  • Assurance and validation that an organization can or cannot be compromised by specific malware threats.


Malware Signatures

SecneurX generates malware signatures for Network Intrusion Detection and Protection Systems to protect security perimeters against the latest prevalent malware threats. These signatures are automatically generated by SecneurX’s AI/ML-based system. SecneurX’s technology optimizes the speed of signature generation as well as signature size and efficiency, thereby optimizing the performance of signature dependent Network Intrusion Detection and Protection Systems.


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